Inside My Eye's

December 24, 2010
By AveragePsycopath BRONZE, Montreal, Other
AveragePsycopath BRONZE, Montreal, Other
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I'm so tired of pretending,
i'm alright,
i'm not hurting,
i'm fine,
truth is i'm not,
I can't cry,
I can''t be weak,
I Can't break down,
I can't be me.
The person before you is a fake,
I fake a smile so no one asks,
I wish I hadnt grown up to fast,
I wish I could just be a little girl again,
Where my daddy shoulder's where the highest place in the world.
When I had so much more,
To late,
now i'm scarred,
now i'm hurt,
now i'll never be the same,
Thing is,
you don't know me,
after how much I fake,
No one does.
You can see it
Because the person I once was,
Is deep in my eyes,
The scared little girl,
and still smiling,
She hurts,
She stays strong.

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