December 24, 2010
By explicitlove SILVER, Taylor, Michigan
explicitlove SILVER, Taylor, Michigan
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judgement lives around us
the side glances, people give when they see two people of the same sex holding hands
the whispers, lip sticking to each other's ears
so the next would feel just the same
the outcasting, the hatred and u wonder why some end up dead
hated for being different, is it not said
love every living thing
but society is so judgemental, they cant understand
how someone of the same sex could put a ring on the other's hand
and the guy's wear make-up but not the kind you buy
they wear make-up trying to make up what you want them to be
in a sense playing make-believe
getting out of touch with reality
and some are into hair dyeing
cause they're here dying, cause this oppression wont get out of their hair
they're scrubbing their chest to rid the depression and stabbing in their heart
their told they are damned to hell
some exiled, by their own family
told they should have not came out of their mother's womb
it aint right for them to share their heart with the same gender
but their human like you
they bleed like you
and yet some say they automatically have HIV
treated like they got some contagious disease
gay is no disease, it is a lifestyle
so judge yourself before you decide to judge someone else

The author's comments:
i was inspired by hearing about gay bashing

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