My Name Written In Red

December 24, 2010
Stab my chest and let the pain excrete out
My numbered days decreased, to zero
the feeling of doubt
well, u were once a hero
till the candle started to burn out
I'm left in darkness but i don't wait for the light
I wait for the end
cause i know if the light comes back it would just leave me again
so there i stand
falling apart on the inside, but not out
i look strong
while wondering if it will be long
before i'm completely gone
whispers, in my ear telling me to do it
left me wondering, am i really losing it?
and how did i become so defeated
and allow myself to be so mistreated?
by me
and how so many lies could create such and illusion
that started all this confusion
so i felt pain
but before that u had broken my chains
and i thought i was free
till u snatched the life away from me
it was just an illusion inside of me
i was grabbed, ripped, choked till i could not breathe
and so my scars leaked
like a broken dam
the sky will take me as i am
and as she fell to the ground
i picked her up and started to carry her out
but then i turned around
and asked, "are you happy now"?

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