1972 Due-Date Rant

December 29, 2010
By Kasiemobi Udo-okoye GOLD, Oakland, California
Kasiemobi Udo-okoye GOLD, Oakland, California
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Told you time and time again to stop borrowing my sweater,
Ricky, and I won't say it again.
Again and again my angora is stretched out of shape.
Now I love your really I do but I'm through with missing mascara
So buy your own so I can know where my universe is when I need it.
Vindictive as i am, I want you to be happy,
Even though it's 1972, and the rent is due, and because of you
Simply existing is a delicate balance on polished platforms.
The life we live is truly absurd and wonderful and I want more
If you do too then I suggest you come through cuz guess what, baby,
The rent is due!
Eviction is a deadly affliction for chronic freaks like you and me.

The author's comments:
After watching the movie "Ed Wood", about the famous heterosexual transvestite director of the '40s and '50s, I wondered what the dynamic would be in a relationship between a transvestite and his girlfriend, especially in a time we might consider to be fairly conservative

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