Pray for Haiti

December 29, 2010
Why, God why?
Time flew by,
Blinks of every eye,
Witnessing as lives flew by.

Walls of edifices,
collapsing like dominoes,
People crushed,
Lives like buildings, yes just like those.

People died,
With dignity and strife,
As loved ones scream in fear,
While others streamed tears.

Bodies uncovered,
Lying motionless on the streets,
Unsolved identities,
Leaving people in disbelief.

A country so strong,
tolerated the hell,
yet to endure something so tragic,
after endless historic rebel.

People pray,
As spirits are lifted,
As we all know life must go on,
For we are God’s people, sing His song.

For we can’t stray in the past,
For we must stand strong in the present,
As the country of Haiti heals,
We only hope for the better.

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