My Response to Your Feelings

December 29, 2010
By Anonymous

Of all the times you chose to start remembering,
Now…suddenly, when I’ve found someone else.
It’s too late, and I feel bad.
You caused me the heartbreak when you said it was bad timing.
Karma got you back, for now you miss me.
I’ve erased you, for that spark is no longer there.
The visions of you are blurred.

As you look at me, I feel your pain, but I’m not blushing.
You messed up; I think you know it now.
Please stop crying tonight, you have a life to live.
Keep telling your friends, it’s not helping.
If I can move on, I know you can too.
You know why it’s over.
Those tears are just gonna scar you, stop regretting.
No blames, no questions, you know all the answers and reasons.
I wanted you, I needed you, I still loved you.
But you never got to know that.
It would’ve been much different if we continued on.
Our love could’ve flourished, but it’s over.

Don’t look back, it’s too late you won’t get me back.
It was a good experience for a first-timer.
I’ve grown and become something else.
Keep telling yourself it’s not over, when it truly is, always was.
You’re breaking; I see it on your face today.
Tears ran down my face too, you know.
I couldn’t possibly believe we lost it, you ended it.

All in a flash, it was hard to recover.
No ones’ fault, no point in thinking it over.
It’s in the past, just please move on.
You’re pulling me back with the guilt in your eyes.
And yet I’m far ahead of you,
This heart belongs to someone else, get used to it.
You tortured it, and it’s rapidly healing.
Don’t bring it back to reminiscing.
You had no idea, and now you get to experience it.

Not so easy to forget now is it?
All I have to say is that I don’t hate you,
For I hardly remember you.
I don’t want to be reminded, the distance is helping.
Hopefully you’ll get through, I hate being the reason.
At first I thought it could be what you deserve.
But no one deserves it.
I’m sorry for being a waste of time.
You’ll never get to hear what I have to say,
You’re afraid of me.
Didn’t know me after all this time,
I won’t have to face you.

But if I do, I guarantee a difference.
I’m no longer vulnerable, don’t take advantage…I’ve changed.
Go ahead and try it, you won’t have the guts, I know it.
I wont’ make you suffer any longer.
I’ll lay some things down gently:

You mean nothing to me now.
You ended this on a bad note.
Together we were, but never again.

The author's comments:
The motivation to pull through a break-up is my main goal in expressing in this piece. I want other people to be inspired by this piece in the way it portrays a positive outcome after going through the grieving process of a lost love.

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