A Stretch of Nowhere

December 23, 2010
The highway goes on for miles and miles,
a stretch of nowhere connecting two somewheres
to each other.
Where the only direction is forward, and once you’re on it
you cannot stop until the end.
Like life.

The highway sings the strangest song,
of where I came from, and where I’m going.
I wish it would just leave me alone to think.
To meditate.
My breath settles into the pounding silence,
and all is well.
Like life.

The highway is the best at night
when daylight carries the other cars away
and there’s only a few left, just to remind me,
I’m not the only one alive.
And a few stray lights stand out
against the black velvet night, like the stars that
I cannot look for, lest I take my eyes off of the highway.
Like life.

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