Death's Door

December 23, 2010
I asked directions from suicide survivors
I met along the road

I asked directions from veteran soldiers
Bearing such heavy loads

They told me to keep walking
Along the path I trod

They told me not to let go
Of the ever-present rod

When I got to that great mansion
I knocked upon the door

When I got to that great castle
I thought of those who’d gone before

Beverly Dwyer, kind and calm
Always with a smile

Charlie Safford, always willing
To sit down and chat for a while

When Death opened the door to me
She said, “’Tis not your time”

When Death opened her home to me
She asked, “Why’ve you come by?”

I came in and sat on down
Tried not to disturb

I came in and picked a chair
And started with my words

I told her of the friends I’d lost
Both old, but both so young

I told her of companions missed
My heroes, my unsung

I told her of my grief and pain
And all the sadness felt

I told her of my many sorrows
And my many doubts

She listened to my every word
And did not cut in

Until I asked her to make it better
Then did she begin
“I cannot give you back your friends
Or take you to them now

I cannot ease your trouble soul
Or wipe sweat from your brow

I cannot change what has been done
I cannot fix what broke

The only thing that I can do
Is give a spark of hope

I will come for you one day
And take you to this house

I’ll come when you are old and grey
And all your fires douse

But in betwixt this time and then
You have to keep living

Not just surviving one day, the next
But loving, laughing, giving

Throw yourself into your heart
And give to all you see

And maybe then your joy will grow
Your pains shrink down and flee

You cannot change what happened then
Or bring back those that died

But you can stand yourself up tall
You can learn to fly”

I thanked her for the time we spent
Talking ‘bout the world

I thanked her for the love she gave
And for the thoughts conferred

She gave me one last hug
As I headed for the door

And as I went back to the world
She gave me one hug more

I told her she had saved my life
When she let me in her den

I’ll welcome her with open arms
When I see her again

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Sarah1311 said...
Jan. 15, 2011 at 3:52 pm
I absolutlly love it! It has alot of feeling in it, something people can relate to when they go through hard times. :)
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