December 23, 2010
By , norwalk, CA
the image burned in my head
the image i'd love to see
my heart tells me yes
but my mind tells me no

which should i believe?

the words i have read do not
to the ones i long to hear

"i love you"

do you mean it?
or is my heart just a toy
in your playful hands

everyone says you do
even your friends
but why won't you?

your words are the ones i love
but never seem to understand
your voice is the music i live for
but i never hear the song

the thoughts in my head
can fimd no words
It Kills Me
You Kill Me
You Torture Me

why am i wasting my time
on someone who doesn't even
seem to care?

i try to push you away
but you never really go
i give in and let you play
but then you say no

its crazy
to think that something so simple
is what made me notice you
now here we are
one year later
and i don't know where we stand

all This started
because I took Gum from Your hand

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