Blue Truth

December 23, 2010
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It seemed as though I found something new
Glimmers of hope shined in the dark places in my heart that is true
Did I set my hopes too high?
only to be shot down in the wings
Seeing the flashbacks of my past
I saw those words and my mood sank into the crust

Silly me for having hopes of something true
but facing your words at heart was the only thing I know
Go away! Those scars have done enough
why must I be reminded every single time
Standing on a pedestal waiting in silence
to find that once happiness utter no words that make sense

The hope I had once has now faded to black
like the feathers lost by a bird never to come back
Filled with such an austere happiness
I saw within those deep blue eyes
such as reason unknown you were different
Late night chats that were fun and spent
Was it your friendliness that I saw?
the curiosity you had who knows at all
Looking up at the horizon
maybe there will be chance to see you again
There was something about you
in those blue eyes it was something true

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