Sands of Memory

December 23, 2010
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Those footsteps of past wandered on in the distance
it haunted me for months and my heart beat with every wince
Crushed and broken hearten learning to let go
it was the hardest thing to do

My memory slipping through those people's hands
as I sink forever restless in time
There was someone searching in the distance

Trying to contain and shelter my emotions
they were always...always to be racked by ocean side's deviating rocks
Always trying so hard but no matter
I was left standing in the dark
I don't know where to start
Broken and scattered like the shells in the sand

Oddly enough I forget everything of those nights
I grab my own reigns by the throat
The path wistfully winding around me
building my own future in the unknown
He was there waiting by the cliffs
a breeze and gentle hand's kiss
I'm ready again to start anew
Looking up at the crescent moon, grabbing a handful of sand
I let it slip from my hands smiling, thinking goodbye Sands of Memory

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