December 23, 2010
By Anonymous

I lied to a friend;
Not even a friend;
Just someone I knew once.
I said that I loved to party,
If you catch my meaning.
He said he had some stuff,
And he’d give it to me,
For Free.

What the hell, right?
So I try it once,
See what all the hype is about.
It’s legal after all,
Well, at least it is for him.

I take it on vacation,
Around my family.
I’m usually quiet, reserved,
“No fun.”
They seem to like me more,
Enjoy my company more,

Everybody likes me more,
I’m friendlier,

I save it for when I’m around people.

Only for when I’m doing things with people.

I like being liked.

When it runs out, I sigh,
Oh, well.
I figure that’s the end.

A week goes by,
And I can’t sleep.
I’m haunted by the thought,
Of feeling that way again.
I want it to be easy again.
I want to be happy again.

The opportunity comes along.
Suddenly I’m obsessed.
I need more,
And I need a lot.

The thought of running out
Sends me into a panic.
I think about the long term,
And how this is only a temporary

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