My Dream

December 23, 2010
I think back,
Back on my life,
And the pain,
Pain caused by even my best friend.
I decide,
I cant take it no more,
Ill take the chore,
The chore of dealing with me.
I reach forward,
Climbing my way out,
Out of this hell hole.
I walk out onto the roof,
Making my way,
To where this will end,
The edge.
Unable to stand any longer,
I sit,
This is it.
Before I "fall",
I think,
Back to you,
And my family.
How much you loved me.
I cant stand to leave,
My mind has changed.
I will stay here.
I am afraid I was too near,
For I fell to my death.
I tried to scream,
But I had no breath.
The last thing i see,
Is that ugly flower patch.
This cannot be,
Not true at all.
I found myself wide awake,
Lying in a pile of covers,
On my mattress,
Back in this hell hole.
I know I am in hell,
But its not that bad,
As long as you don't go.

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