you broke me

December 22, 2010
By Anonymous

lost in dispear
lost without eny one to care
the life you lived
to go on you just couldnt even bear
they left you
left you all alone
all on your own
your love is gone
you have moved on
youve gone into the unknowing beyound
youve left befor the breaking dawn
walking in the shadowy mist of tears youve never shed
just wishing you could be once aging in you own bed
your lost in the hallways in your own head
did you see
did you wish for me
did you wish you could love me
wondering were ive gone to
wondering were you are
wondering were you will find a new guiding star
youve walked so far
youve walked with a forever growing scar
you never thought you would ever need me
inspecaly when you cried
you needed me and i was gone
i was beyound the point of no return
you touched your own soul and was burned
the memorie of the pain you put me throw is haunting you
dreaming of me
hearing my screams
lost in never ending horrible dreams
lost in the wispers of the wind
i was your only friend
you hurt the only one how would ever love you
you killed me
you broke me
now im lost worst than you
all i ever did was loved you
you hurt me
and now im blind and can no longer see
you broke every loving thing in me
you broke what was keeping me
and now every night i go throw that nightmar
and no one kow but you
and all i ever did was try to love you

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