The Light

December 22, 2010
By TainaSmile BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
TainaSmile BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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The light shines on the darkest days
Freeing a soul
Opening up ur mind
Bringing hope
Bringing love
The smallest light
Can save a life

The light shines on the darkest days
When your alone
When there no one else
That light shines through

What happens when its the darkest day
And theres no light
Its just dark

There is no happy ending
Just reality...just life

And your alone and crying
Theres nothing anyone can do

The darkest days have come and have gone

But it doesnt make the tears the screams and the lives lost ok
The light shines on the darkest days

But there still alone
Still crying
The light doesnt save everyone
The light doesnt always shine bright enough

So when that light, is not enough to see us through
Lets hold hands and pray
Lets hold hands and pray

So when there alone
There scared
And there is no one else

We join together and bring the light to them
Lets answer our own prayers

On the darkest days the light shines through
But what if it doesnt
What then?
......Will u do something

The author's comments:
This poem is about how we can change the world.How everyone doesn't get saved and how we can change that.

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