R.I.P. My Expressions

December 22, 2010
By onelove BRONZE, Randolph, Massachusetts
onelove BRONZE, Randolph, Massachusetts
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"Well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin" - onerepublic

I had many words,phrases and thoughts in my head
My heart had a funeral 'cause now they're all dead
They died from a disease called procrastination
I said I'd say them soon but I left them locked up in my imagination
Now all the specific things I wanted to say I forget
And I admit, that because I didn't say them I regret
There were a couple of things I wanted to say that would make people giggle
Somethings to make them think; similar to a riddle
I'm pretty sure there were somethings that might make people cry
But they weren't insults, they were facts about this world, not lies
A couple things I wanted to tell to the people I love but i was afraid
Some words of anger to those who rained on my parade
And typical words of sarcasm I wanted to reply
Those cool words that would make everyone think I'm sly
And its funny how theres so many things I can't remember but i want to verbalize
Its also funny how when we don't have something anymore the importance is realized
Speaking of funny HAHAHA has come back to my memory
I wanted to say HAHAHA to those who didn't believe in me
Although there are many words, phrases and thoughts that are now unspoken
They might resurrect or there will be new ones because constant supply of emotion
Now instead of keeping my thoughts in an incarceration
I'll let them loose without slight hesitation
When my old thoughts were alive i should have gave them attention
Now they are dead, R.I.P my expressions

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem when I felt like I foolishly let go of a lot of my beautiful dreams because of what others believe. This poem is for people with beautiful dreams, don't let them go.

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