Silent Death

December 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Silence. All around me is silence.
I wait so I can hear your voice
But you are nowhere near.
I try to forget, but that is not my choice.

I can no longer control my thoughts
It seems as though you have taken over me
I play your voice in my head repeatedly
The more I hear it, the harder to breathe.

The last time I heard your voice
The words cute like razor sharp knives
I never thought I could hurt like this
I’m tired of this pain, I’m tired of your lies.

I believed every word from your mouth
All I can see is you next to me when I look in the mirror
You made me blind to everything around me
Now that my eyes are open, I realise you are not here

I’ve had enough of everything you put me through
I will no longer endure this pain
There’s no more me, and no more you
So don’t bother coming back again

I’m not taking round three
So go on and swing at my heart
You’ve torn out everything else
Nothing else can tear me apart

You broke me down after I had finally gotten back up
Tell me if you see a real man when you look in the mirror
Played with my feelings and once again left me here
To me, you are no longer a real man and its quite clear

It hurts me to say this but its time
It’s time for me to say goodbye to you
I’m tired of our reruns and your same old line
If you really did love me you wouldn’t have done this to me

Here I remain in a painful silence wanting to speak
But it’s time for me to take my last breath
I can no longer find my voice to say I love you
And I end all of this with a silent death.

The author's comments:
Was inspired by life

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