Masked 'perfection' <3

December 22, 2010
Hiding from the world
Showing my true identity
My true self

Twirling around
A stranger for the night
Losing who they think I am

Submitting to this true façade
The pressure to be perfect
Is gone

I’ve lost the stress
Blown it away
With kisses to the wind

People see me
Not for who
They think I am

But for who
I wish
I could be

The center of no attention

The time passes too quickly
My midnight has come
I rush from the masked perfection

Only to become
Who I am
Forced to be

‘Miss Perfect’
Never taking risks
Fitting into the cookie-cutter

I hold close
Who I will

When I can finally
Run away from this
Stressed ‘perfection’

I will always keep my mask
That lets you see
The real me

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JATBZ said...
Apr. 30, 2011 at 11:03 pm
Hmm. The lead in nice I like it, It had flashes of greatness here and there but had it's ugly to where it lose a little. The Mask is very cliché sorry to say. And yes one day I will probably use that in my figurative language, but I give it a 8.1/10
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