December 22, 2010
Everything’s so mixed up,
Jumbled all together.
My headache never seems to go away,
The feeling there forever.
I didn’t know I’d ever want
To up and run away.
But every so often, I stop to think,
And I tell myself, “One day.”
I lean on others, but is that fair?
It’s not their wound to heal.
And sometimes when they lean on me,
That’s exactly how I feel.
Stay strong and be yourself, they say,
But they never tell you how.
They never teach you how to deal
With what I’m feeling now.
So many emotions fill my head,
A constant, running stream.
Circling and circling endlessly,
Until I want to scream.
How am I supposed to get it out?
That which I cannot name.
How am I supposed to go back now?
Will I ever be the same?

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