My Cross, God's cross

December 22, 2010
I searched,
I searched under the shaded pines on the mossy floor,
I looked under grass, twigs, and more,
Neither stick nor stone would fit my needs,
For I was on a quest to for fill God’s needs,
I cross I would make.

A scared circle veil of flowers would be my site,
And with my own bare hands,
God’s bare hands,
We worked all that night,
Finding two sticks as strong as lion,
But soft as a lamb,
With string strong enough to tie them I set to work,
Gods work,
For I was on a quest to for fill one of God’s needs.

I worked into the night,
We worked into the night,
The better it became,
A simple cross made of stick and string soon arose,
Out from the ground of dirt,
Out from the flowers,
Out from the forest vast
On the sacred ground it arose,
The cross,
Mine and God’s.

Flowers thrown in the air to celebrate the completion,
I fell to my knees I cried out my pleas of forgiveness and protection,
For love and fear,
For People far from here,
For those living and in heaven,
I prayed.

That day I completed a quest for God,
With my own hands,
God’s hands,
And with that I smiled at the beautiful, wonderful sight,
Of gods holy site in my satisfaction,
Today I set out to build a cross,
And found myself pledged to God,
Today I set out to be freed,
And now I am free,
Today I set out on a quest to for fill one of God’s needs,
For he loves me,
And I love him,
And with that very cross a promise I did make
To help and save the world,
Will you go out and help God and me by make a cross today?

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