My house of broken cards...

December 22, 2010
By TooBrokenToBeBeautiful GOLD, Bethel, Alaska
TooBrokenToBeBeautiful GOLD, Bethel, Alaska
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"There are many things in this world that we cannot change, no matter how desperately we try. Just remember, stay brave...even if it feels like your world is crumbling around you." -Anonymous

Slowly, I begin to rebuild another fallen empire.
Cards lie all around me…
Some wrinkled, some torn and some burned.
But as I look around…
I wonder how I could ever start to rebuild another structure in this environment.
I simply cannot build a stable frame….not with this unstable base.

My insecurities make it hard to stat building my house
My tarnished cards makes it difficult to build every time.
The wrinkled cards are because of broken promises…
The torn ones are due to loss…
And the blackened one are from having to endure another betrayal.
A single gust of wind can cave in my house
My emotions…
My world…

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