I Pray

December 22, 2010
By ginolefevers BRONZE, Sedalia, Missouri
ginolefevers BRONZE, Sedalia, Missouri
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I Pray
without knowing who i am praying to
I Pray
hoping someone hears me, someone something,
so many mysteries that need to me solved
yet I Pray
the land is active around me moving so fast that i am still
yet I Pray
again and again i walk this land
little by little i notice how it moves,
the trees, the wind hitting me from all directions
praying to anyone or anything that hears me,
i hope that i am not alone yet i wish i was,
i feel presence, of a man of mystery,
is he of good or evil i do not know
but yet i fear
so I Pray.
When i fall from the many challenges of life
i pray for a solution, the solution, my solution,
actuality tells me i am alone but
reality tells me i am not
so I Pray,
this man of mystery, is he here for real
i do not know
when i fall, will he pick me up or just press me down further,
i do not know
i am a mighty building, that is incomplete
bricks all around
waiting to be built, starting from the ground
so I Pray
i pray for my builder, my carpenter, my solver or something more,
i pray to myself, buddah, allah, or the almighty lord
i do not know who i am praying to
just hope that he hears me,
that is all i desire,
that is all i wish,
this man of mystery is following,
watching my every move,
should i run,
or should i stay and wait for him,
is he the one to whom i pray,
or is he the opposite,
is he the friend,
or is he the enemy,
yet i press on,
walking though this perfect earth,
littered with evil, suffering, and darkness,
step by step i walk,
will i walk the right way,
I Pray
my pace quickens as this stranger becomes more clear,
all i see is darkness behind me,
attempting to envelop me,
until my prayer comes to an end,
as i walk into my house, my room, my place of comfort,
hoping it is the place my prayer led me, rather than a trap for the man of mystery,
the man of darkness
I Pray

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