The Feeling

December 22, 2010
Talk of future fun
Making me smile every second
Calling me beautiful to often
Always being sweet and funny
Teasing me, but then kissing up to make it better
Mystically making me forget my troubles, for a little while
Taking the step to meet my folks
Being patient and understanding
Feeling secure in your arms
Having me love hanging out on your farm, with your crazy hick friends, and your funny as heck family
Letting me feel like I actually meant something

But then you got distant

Saying you didn't make the right choice

Sorry you said that it ended this way

You moved on right away
While I clanged on not ready to let go
People said you lied to me
They thought it was because you really liked me
Really though, if you did why'd you end us?
I thought I clanged on because I liked you as my boyfriend
In reality though I liked how you made me feel
Special, and like I had no troubles
It wasn't you I clanged onto it was the feeling

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