My Grandparents

December 22, 2010
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Waking up from a dream,

No longer a distant memory-

Something seemingly unreal.

Warm hands clasped lovingly,

Conversations echoing in the depth of night.

No need to look up, but knowing he will

Always be right there beside her.

The glow of youth prevalent

In the old couples eyes.

The same love still burning,

As it did when he could still hear,

And when she could still see.

Arms linked, and hearts alike.

Every step together, a new adventure.

Regardless of whether they'd traveled

This road before.

Thoughts constantly weaving through each others minds.

Locking eyes tell tale to a secret conversation.

A story and thought shared.

They sit in a restaurant,

With their son, and their sons' daughter,

The daughter unprepared for the inevitable parting of ways.

As she hears her grandmother softly murmur to her husband,

"Did you ever think we would order off of the senior menu?"

He smiles a slow pondering smile and says

"Where did all the time go?"

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