December 22, 2010
Love last
Love past
One minute there
gone the next
Received the last text
Said time was up
You were moving on to the next
Man this sucks
What do I do now
I fought so hard
For what I thought
Would be forever
Now its over
Just like that
that’s so wack
As I sit here packing
Looking through
What’s mine and what’s yours
This is crazy
Hour after hour
I cant seem to get through
Done with this chapter
Feels like such a disaster
Live for love or life after
Do you know how I feel
As you sit and read
This summary of pain
This heart felt grief
I am in misery
Do you hear that sound
My heart like glass as it shatters against the ground
On my face imparts a frown
Head held down
Turning around
Falling apart at the seems
Do you know what this means
This feeling of unworthiness
Self pity I have none
Time to move on
Time lost is self lost
What is the cost
Of unnatural defrost
nothing but chaos
Fill the heart with warm blood
Pumping fast and strong
Long after your gone
At first it was hectic
Pointless each day
But now my life
Is no longer in dismay
I still don’t know why
You chose this way
but I wont sit and cry
Day by day
Life now is no longer grey
Its filled with color
Art all around
Beautiful flowers all across town
On my face no longer sit’s a frown
I no longer hold my head down
I stand tall for all to see
Even though I still don’t feel same
With you out of frame.

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