Broken Branches and Broken Hearts

December 21, 2010
By paperpencilheart BRONZE, Oregon, Wisconsin
paperpencilheart BRONZE, Oregon, Wisconsin
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"One chance, one second, a million endings"

A tree stands still in the night sky. I've never seen something so beautiful, so perfect in my eyes. Marks of imperfection cover the tree. It has awkward branches and shriveled up leaves. Maybe it's the fact that I've never been so happy. But this tree that is nothing but normal, is remarkable to me. The tree turns his head and looks at me. I smile and count his freckles and fall to my knees.
The tree turns his back and walks away. While I watch the midnight sky and scream words I wish I could say.

The author's comments:
So a person, a really confusing person, used to be a really good friend of mine. Then let's just say things got really weird.... So this boy and I would be around each other, but for some reason we couldn't act normal. It's like we couldn't be friends, but we couldn't be more than that. We were stuck in the in between stage. Things would happen that wouldn't happen between normal friends and I couldn't stop thinking to myself that this could all be in my imagination. But then I realized something. You can't go through your life having no confidence in your relationships, that will get you no where.

So time passed, we continued being friends and then I got really scared. Scared that he would break my heart. I saw most everyone that I knew getting divorced and I think for a bit I lost faith in love. So like a silly girl, I ran away, far away. We stopped talking, it was supposed to be the end. But we all know endings aren't always forever. I'm beginning to think that maybe I possibly broke his heart, but I don't think I'll ever know for sure.

So currently we still have this whole little soap opera going on. Everything is unsaid, but so obvious. When I wrote this poem, I wanted it to end. Everyone would tell me things that were bad about him, but in my eyes he was still perfect. I desperately wanted to get over him, but I couldn't because I didn't know the real answer. Did he feel the same way about me? And to this day, I don't know. It will probably always be a mystery and a mistake in my mind. I regret and wish I had just been gutsy and told him how I felt, but I let my fear of rejection take over. These are the words I wish I had spoken.

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