A Love that Could Love

December 21, 2010
A love, a love, why is this so
That I like someone I hardly even know?
How strange it is for me to see
The person I love standing right in front of me!

She’ll laugh, she’ll talk, she’ll scream, she’ll shout.
Just looking at her face will fill me with doubt.
Does she know of her voice, so truly divine?
How I long and wish for her to be mine!

When I look upon her revealing eyes
My mind fills up with such useless lies.
How I long to hold her in each arm,
To shield her away from imminent harm!

And so I hold her here within my heart
But that thought alone keeps us apart
Every night that I see her in my dreams,
I’ll never be with her it seems.

And so I live in constant fear,
And I stop myself from crying a tear.
How I long and wish to hold her now,
To press my lips on hers somehow!

I see her now, with a relentless stare,
She passes me by, without despair
I see her glancing at my love-filled glare,
Her beauty and grace is simply unfair.

On days that she just walks on by,
I hold this back: an urge to cry.
As she does, I cannot resist
To think that I do not exist.

She stands before me, with a quizzical face,
The beloved smile I cannot replace.
On days, I see her with multiple friends,
The moment goes by and quickly ends.

When I lie and say she is a bore,
My heart bleeds through a burning sore.
A rose I will buy for her one day,
For I know my love will not go away…

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