Night Storm

December 20, 2010
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The blazing sun retires
The last of the dying light has disappeared
The shadowy night
Rolls in on its ship of darkness
It cloaks its path
In inky gloom
The moon rises to power

The ghostly night brings with it
The extreme cold
As the vigorous wind howls through the leafless trees
Preparing the earth
For the monstrous storm
That will soon conceal the land
In a mighty colorless cloak

The complex snowflakes swarm the air
And fall lazily to the ground
All of them independent shapes
They form together as one
Coating the frosted ground
In ivory specks
Soon piling up
To form mountainous mounds

The starless sky is still dropping
Chalky snowflakes
Onto the Earth
As I gaze at the army descending
I wonder if the sabotage will ever conclude
In the complete silence
I may never want it to

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