Ode to Love

December 20, 2010
By trandall20 BRONZE, Blairstown, Iowa
trandall20 BRONZE, Blairstown, Iowa
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The feeling of exhilaration,
knowing you belong with them.

The butterflies going crazy in the pit of your stomach
the warming of your heart.
The feeling that you just can’t overcome
needing him.

Every time you see him it’s like the first.
Is this what love is?

The questions that haunts you,
time passing and you start to feel it deeper.
More than the young heart can understand.
Knowing that this is right.

Seeming like it will last forever
Time never ends
Everything is Perfect.

Reality comes back
There’s been an accident.
The world is doing this to you
How will you go on without him.

He’s not there any more
Tears streaming down
Uncontrollable emotions.


The lost feeling you get when you’re not with him
Mourning over the lost.

Love is just so impossible.

You can’t go on
It’s to hard to deal with.
What you are capable of doing for love,
just to be with him.
Would you take your life for him
Trusting yourself to make the right decision
The effects it all has.


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