Obsession is My Sport

December 20, 2010
Play me as many times as you desire
As long as your hands keep touching me
Beat me, hit me, make me bruises
Anything you do brings satisfactory
As long as you leave something behind
Love me but if you cant just have me in your in mind
Blind fold me and keep me with you
Don’t make me face reality
Because if I do my heart will shatter
And you will go away
Drunk me in your kisses
Don’t ever let me sober
Mask the truth don’t let me reminisce
And let the time go slower
Then break my heart it doesn’t matter
I’ll have enough scars to remember

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ashley-llorens said...
Jan. 11, 2011 at 12:02 pm

this sounds like something a backround voice would say in a movie while the lovers are having yea. lol. (:

love it<3

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