My Dear Creator

December 20, 2010
You made me the definition of a fool
And I made it too easy for you
The look in your eyes pretended to be safe
When in reality you were nothing but a poisonous snake
I loath you with all my heart
And curse you one hundred times for breaking it apart
I regret all the love I gave
The love I can never get back
The love that wasn’t yours to take
But that you still harmed and attacked
With your venomous thorns that numbed me blind
For what I thought was a beautiful rose
And you made me think that it was mine
When I was the one being owned
Treated like property and an experiment
That kept being bought and sold
By your fatuous lies that I believed in!
I never should of trusted a slimy rotten like yourself
An angel with no halo and an aphrodisiac smile
But I was diseased with anserine and fell
While You chained me to a deserted and heated isle
Dispatched they joy of my days
Murdered the illusions I possessed
Vandalized my feelings and emotions
And got rid of every heartbeat I had left
Ripped my chest open and snatched my heart away
Stitched a frown to my face and wasted all my tears
Took away your numbing fangs and let me feel the pain
Made me hate the reflection in every mirror
Because only a fool would fall for your stupid game
I traded my soul for our love
And was made the fool that you created

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ashley-llorens said...
Jan. 11, 2011 at 12:05 pm

lovelovelovelove <3

this is really goood! :DDD

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