Stopped Looking

December 20, 2010
By Tasha Bewernitz BRONZE, Palm Harbor, Florida
Tasha Bewernitz BRONZE, Palm Harbor, Florida
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Shy glances
Turned into stolen ones
Because you noticed
And stopped looking.

Secretly liked you
Secret spilled
Someone told you
And you stopped looking.

We talked and texted
Became good friends
But you stopped looking
And stopped replying.

In the same room
I'm here, talking to you
Begging for a reply
You ignore me.

Something you don't know
I still like you
I'm angry you don't reply
I'm sad you ignore me
I hate you avoiding me
It all makes me want to
Cry about you
To hit you
To talk to your face
Or just suffer in silence
Like I have been
For all this time.

Reject me
Accept me
Do what you will
Just give me an answer
And stop
Not looking
Not replying
Because it's doing
Neither of us
Any good
Sitting here
On the fence
For the other
To make a move.

But if not
One day
Will stop looking.

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