December 23, 2010
By , Circle Pines, MN
I think in many ways people my age are mislead. Hear me out "next generation"! The time is coming very soon when we are no longer the next generation, but we are the pioneers. I don't think that we will rewrite history the way we are making choices today. Today we base our future on a dream that was cut from fear. Today we follow a path that was paved by our elders. Have we no courage, do we have no unique qualities that our ancestors did not posses. We have demonstrated our mislead ignorance by choosing careers and majors that will bring us money and empty joy. Every person is unique! I refuse to believe our parents (God bless them they only want whats best for you.) have figured out for our exact future that will bring the most happiness or gratification. They want us to live the lifestyle they couldn't live. I don't think that every person will be satisfied by living in a mansion drinking from a cup with an umbrella. I also don't think everyone is suited to be doctors or to save lives. I think there will be people who live on the edge and find pleasure, and people who will only be happy serving a king who people say does not exist. I refuse to believe we cannot change this world and rewrite history by living out our dreams and following our hearts. When did this country stop pursuing happiness, when did we stop believing were one nation under god, when did we stop following the same initiative that our forefathers were guided by. We cannot keep moving forward if we keep using the same ideas of our parents and successful conformists. Oh dear "next generation" do not be mislead by the current failing generation.

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