December 19, 2010
By F.T.A SILVER, Westlake, Louisiana
F.T.A SILVER, Westlake, Louisiana
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Its not the pain of death that gets you, its the pain of not knowing.

The burning blaze of life,
fire that lingers between.
The thresh hold of all

what we know and, what
we don't. Truth of the profound,
power we should all use

Yet we all refuse,
the power of the most high bing
a power in the world.

We destroy this nest,
this nest we borrow and take from
a faltered balance.

Lost generation
meaning that eventually
upset this balance

long we have taken.
We will perish in our own
flames of fire and death-

The author's comments:
When I look out into the world I see insperation, yet so much pain. So much wrong yet right too modern eyes. Why is this? We have become a generation of people who don't care about Mother Earth, even tho we know that we will eventually kill this tresure. This poem is about us as a people having the power to save the world yet not doing so, and this is the great tradgety........

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