S.M.H Angel

December 14, 2010
By , Parker, CO
Best friends, like flour to cookies
Inseparable, like Siamese twins
Together forever, never apart
Partners in crime, like criminals in a high speed chase
Friends till the end.
Everyone claims they have “that person”… I really do
Means the World to me, like a child to their mother
Separated by zones, inseparable by heart
By my side till the day I die
Bridesmaid at my wedding- in an odd sort of way
In the room when I have my first, hovering over my husband
Never misses a beat, like a pro guitarist
When tough times come, I turn to her
When good times come, I turn to her
She’s my Guardian Angel, making sure I’m never harmed
She’s my Secret keeper, like my Sister’s Keeper
She’s my filled lonely spot, when I’m sitting sad and alone
She’s keeping me safe
On September 17, 2006, she became my Angel in Heaven.

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