The End of the Rope

December 20, 2010
By CatherineS BRONZE, Charlotte, South Carolina
CatherineS BRONZE, Charlotte, South Carolina
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You don’t know me
You see me every day
We talk
We laugh
I tell you my deepest secrets
Or so you think
And you may think you know me
But you don’t

Why is it so quiet
In this midnight hour?
The sound of my shaky breath
Pierces the silence
Like a scream

Does everyone think these thoughts?
What if I’m the only one?
Has the fog lifted for me, or
Are my wires just crossed?
If things don’t work out,
I think I’ll lose it.

Like he did.
Like she did.
But I won’t end up like them,
With a bullet to my lips
And blood in my mouth

The end of the rope is never the end.
I won’t give up.
I’m going to ride this thing out as long as I can
As many tears as it takes,
As many fits of cleansing rage.

I won’t end up like them
Because I won’t give up
On living.

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