Love Cover

December 20, 2010
I know we haven't seen eachother in a while, now and I haven't forgotten you yet.
Flash of the past, feel the pain.
What have I done, everything to disappoint me. I can last, you can't break me away from him. I want to see you, I haven't got the time to waste. Don't put me in "my place" - my place is in your heart. We are no more, we can't play this way anymore, for I have a life now, you don't have my say. I feel like I'm falling, but I don't want you to catch me. Let me fall and superman will come watch me. I swallowed a rainbow with no colour and drank dry rain for you- to see my life be wasted. I won't survive to tell you that I loved kissing you in the rain. The twinkle in his eyes makes me miss him already. If I say my last good-bye will I regret saying anything. I wish I told you sooner, but I love you and I'm sorry I wasted my time on him, trying to cover up that I still am in love with you. <3 :(

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