The Big Picture

December 20, 2010
By Lillian702 BRONZE, Rockville, Maryland
Lillian702 BRONZE, Rockville, Maryland
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When did showing you emotion, become such a burden?
Maybe when it came to be that pain was all that we were holding...?
And we're spitting fire in our words to see who lasts the longest,
Before the first tear falls onto the ground below us.
We're drowning in our cries now, ‘cause pride keeps us grounded.
No matter what, despite how my heart stopped its steady pounding.
It beat the music that we danced to, so what happens now? It stopped.
What is our next move cause time is ticking from the clock.
Broken, shaken up, and worn down is what we always feel...
But we stick around because love thru all this seems so real...
Every 'I love you', all the hugs and kisses every day-
Did I ever tell you, your brown eyes take my breath away?
You tell me that you think that brown is just so plain and boring.
It's not; everything you are is extraordinary...
So I'm sitting here, waiting for something to believe in
When in the sky one star disappears- is that my reason?
And here we go the season's changing, no clue what we're feeling-
One moment we're happy, we're smiling, the next there's hate in your eyes and you're screaming...
But that star is gone, what others shine to show?
Could those ones be the happiness we're supposed to know?
And is that star right there for all the times you made me smile?
Or maybe it's just all the times we've been holding in denial-
Thinking that we'd make it; just tell me what you see.
Are we the star that disappears into loneliness and lies?
Or is it you and me-
Do we make the sky?

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