Humanoid MAG

December 20, 2010
By Grayson PLATINUM, West Fulton, New York
Grayson PLATINUM, West Fulton, New York
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Beady, black eyes flash open.
A convoluted world is seen,
yet, left uninterpreted.

Humanity is sick, transforming
into creatures of habit and undying loyalty.
Individuality lost in translation.

We blindly stumble on,
numb from overexposure.
Feeling how “they” want us to feel.

With so many questions, where is truth?
We drink up force-fed answers,
like water we were told was wine.

defined by disbelief and dissent
Questioning authority becomes a necessity.

Still, we march on,
like sacrificial soldiers
to the beat of a foreign drum.

The hour grows late.
We must all fully awake.
For too long have we needed change.

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