decrease the ignorance

December 28, 2010
Ignorance distances,
More than mountains, oceans, or deaths.
Like a Life sentence,
Ignorance keeps you from being liberated.
Ignorance is one’s pride,
It’s hard to overcome.
Ignorance keeps you outside,
Won’t let you embrace the full concept.
Ignorance causes wars,
Allows no room to accept,
So people reject,
One another.
Ignorance sparks hate among all of us.
That’s why we’re distanced
Every culture, every country, every difference.
Judged within a split of a second,
Weighted by preconceived prejudice.
Without it, peace would have a chance.
And every human is responsible to decrease their own
Ignorance if they have a choice,

An opportunity
To make the sounds coming out their mouth,
Actually a voice.

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