December 28, 2010
By Anonymous

I am running in vast circles,
Running somewhere but going nowhere.
Like stagnant waters of a river,
It takes energy to be static.

I feel like I’m riding a
Never-ending stationary bike
That takes me to a world of wonder
-Merely my imagination.

The funny, ironic thing is
That everybody else seems to change.
They move quickly from place to place
Without a blip of thought in between.

How is this so easily
Possible and effortless to them?
While I am forever destined
To the life of a crisp green leaf.

A green leaf cannot change merely
Of its own accord or willpower.
Nature defines a leaf’s hue
As an owner decides its pet’s name.

Perhaps I am simply blind
To my own rapid changes,
Or just not capable of
Realizing how far I’ve come.

So, this morning as I look out
To the wide expanses of people,
I feel aloof and separate
From a world of beings I once knew.

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