It's You, Not Me

December 28, 2010
By lyssy_love SILVER, Fredericksburg, Virginia
lyssy_love SILVER, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"The farther away you are from them, the more you realize you love them and the more you begin to not let anyone or anything get in your way of that person."

It's all I seem to be doing now,
And it's all because of you.
Don't take it as a good thing.
You put a lot of emotion in me.
Depression, anger, and lonliness.
You need to fix it.
I've already fallen out of love,
And guess what.
It's your fault,
I didn't do anything.
I try my best,
I try to talk to you,
But you won't get online.
You even have my number!
But do I get a call?
No of course not.
You put in no effort,
And soon I'm going to give up.

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