Windy Lake

December 28, 2010
gray, smooth, rippled, uninterrupted surface
surrounded by craggy mountains and nests filled with blue eagle eggs
this is the lake of my dreams, the lagoon of my heart
covered in a soft gray cloud of pine and mist
sugar-dusted evergreens weeping along the water’s edge
scattered twigs and woodland animals hidden beneath the trees
a thin layer of clear ice, under which a swirled brown and navy wave lies dormant
shards layered on top of each other of fragile, crinkled ice sheet
geese flying in the far distance, silent in the lavender-gray sky
wind howls, shivery hands engulfing the place in silence
a bear and a fox wander through the woods, away from their dens
the lake sings a song that breathes life into its surroundings
cold and blue, it lies far and deep, watery plants twining upwards
fish spinning around these plants, eyes locked open, hibernating
above ground, wind is sprinkled with bitter snowflakes
the deadened world is the epitome of life, of peace
this is where my heart is

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