The Soul of My Folks

December 28, 2010
By TheAsianHeather SILVER, Wuhan, Other
TheAsianHeather SILVER, Wuhan, Other
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The soul of my people,
the Chinese folks,
is buried,
Only those that are one of us,
can hear our soul's
sad,lonely cry.
And prideful bellow.

Others don't know
of our feelings.
In foreign lands
as coolies of war,
my people were seen as animals,
mistreated and treated without respect.
Didn't those people know
that we have feelings like theirs?
My people endured all the pain
without a single complaint.

Oh,the longing for home!
In distant lands
my people longed
day and night
for the Motherland
and long for it still.
In foreign countries,
as foreigners facing prejudice,
my people endured
without a word.
And silently longed
for home.

My people are a prideful people.
Four thousand years of civiliaztion
made us feel superior
to other races.
Yet the world doesn't see it
this way.
Other nations have looked down
on us,
and bullied us.
But we stood up
for ourselves.

My people needed a voice
and now we have one.
Now the world
can look down on China no more,
though prejudice still exists.
Now the world
is finally getting to know us.
my people is making
the cry of our souls
heard by the world.

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