Twas the Night Before Christmas Parody

December 21, 2010
By trevour BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
trevour BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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Twas the night after state, and all through the lobby
Not a wrestler was sleeping, not even Robbey!!
The backpacks were filled to the top all with food,
Hoping that grub would enlighten their mood

The coaches were slow to get to the van
When we left the school it was like a large clan
We drove to the restaurant ready to celebrate
Everyone was jubilant cause we had just won state

When 10:50 came, our food did arrive
Timmy had finished his plate by 10:55
Away from the table he jumped up and ran
Threw open the door and sat on the can

The smell of dessert of my freshly baked cake
Looked almost as good as Timmy’s peanut butter shake
When what to my wondering eyes should see
A teammate of mine had emptied my tea

With a good-looking waitress, so vibrant and fast
She came to my side without being asked
More quickly than ever my heart did inflame
I fluttered and blushed ‘cause she knew us by name:

Hey Brayton, hey Trevour, hey Timmy and Ryan!
Next Mario, and Corbin and Seth O’Brien!
From my spot at the table to the front of the door
We all got up and went out with a roar

Come one and come all lets hurry to the van
And drive back to the hotel as soon as we can
So up to the top-floor the wrestlers they flew
With their bellies full of food and liquids too

And then, down the hallway, I heard one puke
The exclaiming and gurgling of our 130 pound duke
As I drew in my head, and was turning around
I tried to ignore the sick hurling sound

He had covered himself from his head to his toe
And the toilet was all veiled from his bean burrito
With a handful of wipes, he still needed more
To cover up his mess he left on the floor

My eyes how they watered from the scene there-after
It was room 123 that was the source of the laughter
It was when Timmy was shirtless that my nerf gun took aim
I shot him in the back and accepted the blame

The grin on his face, he couldn’t hide very well
I shot him again and again till he tried to rebel
He had an angry red face and a little round tummy
He chased me around like an Egyptian mummy

He was thick and well rounded with a big hairy chest
And I laughed when I saw him, along with the rest
With a tear in his eye, that’s when I knew
We had gone too far, we were finally through

We spoke not a word, he knew we were done
He forgave us right away; it was all in good fun
And laying awake never sleeping that night
We left, destination bethel on the evening flight

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