December 21, 2010
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The scenery has changed.
My thoughts have been deranged.
The snow outside is falls lightly outside my window pane.
The voice I hear are new.
The people I see are few.
Your clothes have changed.
Your beliefs have been rearranged.
The person I once knew
I no longer see in you.
I no longer see the light in your eyes.
I no longer see the sight of your tears falling like rain drops, coming down oh so clear.
I no longer feel your touch.
I no longer feel your clutch.
The chills of the lonliness makes my body numb.
I no longer hear your voice.
I no longer have a choice.
The rain coming down making everything moist.
I no longer smell your fragrance.
I can only now feel your vengeance.
The sun seems so rayless, as it does not shine through.
I no longer taste your minty breath.
I no longer taste your favorite candy, it was best.
I can barely taste anything anymore, my five senses have been put to rest.
People change.
People go.
But I wish you could know, you no longer have to be my foe.
So now I hope the change doesant show.

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