Day and Night

December 21, 2010
By brianasworld BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
brianasworld BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
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To be great is to be misunderstood. -Emerson

Night is effortless. Night is mysterious. Night holds secrets that never have to be revealed. Night brings upon a new essence, one that is exciting and alluring. It is easier to love at night. You can't see anything clearly. The lines fade as the sun goes down. Night obscures imperfections. Night hushes the noise. Night buries problems. Night holds the world close in its arms. Night is unexpected. Night is a new dimension.
Night is easy.
Day is harsh. Day shines light upon everything. Day changes things. Day makes people ponder and worry. Day is dreary and long. Day is merciless. It is harder to cry during the day. Anyone would be able to see your tears and the pain in your eyes. Day is raw and blunt. Day is stern and puritanical. Day is judgmental. Day illuminates problems. Day shakes the world to its core. Day is predictable. Day is reality.
Day is hard.

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