Demons In My Eyes

December 21, 2010
You remind me of what I can't do.
I'm not strong enough to face my fears;
Hiding and pretending - Pretending, but for who?
You're the reason I'm breaking down in tears.

I wanted you, here with me, to stay
But I can't do this cryin' routine every day
I'm lyin' here, screamin' out my cries
And with each sunset, I'm wishin' I would die.

You are my hero.
But you don't get that.
I'm a zero.
You don't believe that.

Under the stars, I got no feelings; I'm numb.
You don't understand, I'm worthless; I'm dumb.
Baby, I'm so sorry I "stabbed you in the heart"
but Baby, we're not leavin', till death do us part.

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