Time Flies Faster than our Lives

December 21, 2010
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As time passes by

Quickly as it does

You learn to value what really matters in life

And let go of what doesn’t

You learn who to trust and who not to

&&Who’s true and who’s fake.

You learn to accept the decisions and reasons of others.

You learn who stays and who flees

You learn that your youth is actually worth something.

You learn that behind everything there’s a reason.

You learn what individuality is

&& what it takes to blend in.

You learn who the soldiers are

&& who the workers are.

You learn to love life

&& life it carelessly

You learn that your life is limited.

You learn who lives

&& who dies

You learn who saves and who kills

You learn what love feels like

You learn how hurt feels like

You learn so many things

That it feels like you’ve lived longer.

You learn to save the buts and what ifs in life

&& just do it.

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