Tick tock

December 21, 2010
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Tick tock, tick tock and the clock has stopped.
You’re the reason my life has just been stopped.
No keys, no phone, no computer, and no nothing.
I just had to be Mister Romeo…yes that was dumb.
I had to go and brag about what I did for her birthday,
So I only look like an asstronaut if I don’t do it for yours.
So I get creative again, pull some fondue and some candles,
And drive the 45 miles to the house in the stick where you reside.
While I’m getting my well-deserved kisses and soft snuggles I earned,
Your leg or my daddy-maker decided to call my makers’ cell phone at 2am.

Tick tock, tick tock and the clock has stopped.
I’m two days in and I’m already going crazy.
I finally get to tell you how dead I am over Yahoo.
Of course “us” wont work anymore because it ever did,
I tell you it’s over and you’re mad because it’s done over text.
Well since I’m doing all my “homework” on the computer 24/7,
My grades should skyrocket, but I still fail all my exams ending in a 2.4.
On the plus, I did find my mom’s camera a freedom, some think I have a talent,
I only point and click, some said amazing I think it’s a simplicity to keep me sane.
In the end of it I learn I am good with the camera when I use it to save the moment.

Tick tock, tick tock and the clock has stopped.
It only stopped because I took the batteries out.
It’s summer the only fun is work with a pretty girl.
So no phone, computer stops with school, TV with the family,
It’s even more painful seeing my truck still helplessly not moving.
You and I as the only youth makes it that much to want to be there,
It doesn’t help us all falling apart that yet another youth pastor left us.
So the big lessons I have come to learn throughout all this great disaster,
Never leave Plaquemine when sneaking out, and take the phone out the pocket.
Through all those painful nights I manage to push away my pain and to write of love.

Tick tock, tick tock and the clock has started moving.
July is here the phone is back and so is the rest of life.
Now life is getting back they still don’t trust me one bit.
Goodness seems to be coming in faster now LSU wins a ring,
A new girl comes in with a smile maybe she will keep me “good”.
The boat takes us to Mexico, the boat also gives me a girl from Cali.,
She was a girl to teach me a lot she helped me realize what I wanted,
She showed me I wanted to be lying under the stars with that new girl.
I figure out what meant the most to me, but it turns out to be a great fight,
But that fight is a whole new tick tock clock.

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